Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 3rd Show

Tonight on the show we`re gonna do a recap of the big race at NFS. We`ll have the winner of the AllStar Series race Michael Davis . Michael is the first All Star competitor to win two races in the series. We will also have on the show for his first time on, an AllStar competitor Justin Bridges. Justin was hand picked by Carolyn to come on and tell us a little about his racing expierance sat night at NFS. Also on the show tonight making a return with us is Mr Kyle Chappell driver of the #66 limited latemodel. Kyle won his feature race sat night and we`ll have a little talk to him about his big weekend win. Also I have two more hood scoops from Russell Brown race cars  to give away tonight so y`all be sure to tune in @7:05 on 92.1 talk radio or listen live on the net by going to www.stockcarthunder.blogspot.com call in at 229- 259-9210

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Prayers for Mike Laciura of Wildcat Performance Engines!

I would like to ask the stock car thunder racing community to pray for Mike Laciura from WildCat Performance engines . He was busting off a new performance inboard boat motor he built and a gas leak ignited and burnt his hands and arms and was sent to the burn center in Augusta . He is fine but healing is gonna be lengthy unless of course God gives him an expedient healing thanks and we'll see y'all at Albany for the big southern thunder late model series final race!!! Mikes hot rod is 3 points outa 1st place!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22nd Show

Tonight on the Stock Car Thunder show we'll have this past weekend All Star winner at Golden Isles, Brian Wooten. We'll also have Phil Guardagno from North Florida Speedway on to tell us about his big race coming up this weekend and Carolyn and Leo Johnson will be making a big announcement for the All Star Series. Tune in by clicking the listen live button in the top right at 7pm. See y'all there!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 20, 2014 Show Ronnie Johnson, Evan Becton and Tanner Connell

What's up race fans !!! We have an awesome show lined up for you all tonight, we're going to have two of our local guys, National Late Model champion Evan Becton is going to chat with us a while. Evan is going to be in Albany for sure with the Russell Brown Race Car Built # 15 for the National Late Model race and is gonna try and make Needmore on Sunday and we look forward to his company!! Then my little, well not so little anymore, kids a man now, Tanner Connell driver of the #44 limited late model. They will be tearing up the tracks in his limited this weekend and we look forward to that. Then Deep Dixie's own Carolyn Johnson has managed to get up the winner of the big 525 super late model race at Penton Speedway in Alabama this past weekend. None other than Ronnie Johnson. Ronnie has had great success a number of years racing in the super lates in the #5 super late model and now is having the same in the 525 crate racing series, so we welcome Ronnie Johnson as well. Make sure you tune in because we are going to give away tickets to both Albany and Needmore so listen in on 92.1 talk radio or click the listen live icon in the top right. We`ll keep an ear out for ya!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014 Show Randy Merwin, Lonnie Roberts and Dennis Wetherington

   Tonight on the thunder show we have a packed house. Randy Merwin won his first race in hobby stock this year in a new race car we're going to talk a while with him, also Lonnie Roberts, who won a big race in limited latemodel at Cochran. Then we'll have john Dennis Wetherington owner of the the 01 Napa limited that's experienced a lot of success in the last couple of years and started the season off at needmore with Cole Exum and back to back wins so y'all tune in to 92.1 talk radio or listen live on the net at talk921.com call us at 229-259-9210

Special Message From Jane Benton

  Mrs. Jane Benton's granddaughter, Morgan Williams, was recently in a horrific car crash and after an outpour of help from some of the drivers at Needmore Saturday night this was the message she sent....

"Dirt track racers are a special breed apart on and off the tracks ... and Saturday night at Needmore Speedway was just another example of the big heart that they have. Three drivers from three classes donated their winnings and trophies to Morgan Williams and her family Terry and Vincent Williams. Morgan, who was scheduled to race her first race this year on Saturday at Needmore, was severely injured in an auto accident a week ago and has long road to recovery. Morgan's mom Terry is a Needmore/Albany scorer and her dad Vincent is a racer. So please ... the next time you see or talk to these drivers, give them a shoutout about how much you appreciate them on and off the track. They are Leon Childs, Ryan Hembree and Michael Ford. They each have the biggest heart and deserve your accolades. And if you are a fan in the grandstand, take a moment to reflect on their unselfishness and gratitude for others. Our family will always hold a special place in our hearts for these drivers. Thank you and may God bless you three greatly."